Gillette Venus Coupons

Coupons make managing a budget so much easier. Knowing where to find Gillette Venus coupons is a very helpful skill. Save money on your favorite razors by keeping tabs on coupon blogs, checking with local stores and searching for deals on the social networks that you use. Print out some coupons and slash your personal care product budget in half.

Online Offers
Your favorite couponing blogs are good resources for finding Gillette Venus coupons. Whether you follow, or, you are sure to run across razor coupons every now and then. Combine these with the online offers available at the Gillette Venus website, Proctor & Gamble’s website and other savings blogs and you may only have to pay cents for your razors. Be sure to use these in conjunction with free shipping offers or online deals for bulk razors to save even more money, and always use double coupons when available.

Retail Coupons
The stores you visit are another likely place to find Gillette Venus coupons. Visit the Gillette display each time you visit the store to check for coupons. These may be displayed alongside the products or attached to the razors themselves. Retailers may offer you the opportunity to either use coupons right away or during your next purchase. Once you buy Gillette products, check your receipt for any special bargains or coupons. You may have a printed coupon on the back of your receipt or attached to it. You can use these offers during future purchases.

Social Networking Deals
“Liking” your favorite products on Facebook or following them on Twitter is much more helpful than just establishing a connection. These social networking feeds often provide contests or links to coupons that are exclusive to their followers only. Follow Gillette on Facebook and Twitter to get company updates, product news and Gillette Venus coupons as they become available. Some offers may require you to enter your name, address and other information, or to complete a survey, in order to obtain the deals. Most deals are sent to you via email, though there are some offers that you can receive by mail.

A good strategy is to combine as many of these offers as you can when you purchase your products. Though some retailers only allow one coupon, others let you combine them or even print out multiple coupons until you obtain a product nearly for free. Check with your local stores to see who has the best coupon policies before shopping.

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