As the price of razor blades and refill packs continue to increase, coupons are more important than ever. A Gillette Blades coupon is very helpful in saving money. These coupons are widely available across the Internet. The next time you need to purchase razors or refills, be sure to check these sources for a Gillette Blades coupon.

Gillette’s Website
Lots of companies provide discount offers on their own websites. This is done to entice customers into trying their product. You can often get deep discounts, free shipping and other special offers. Bundles of products, including razor blades, shaving cream and aftershave, may be available. Sometimes you are even able to request a free sample to be sent to your home, providing you with free razors or a coupon to try Gillette blades for free. Offers are not always available, so you may have to return and check frequently for new coupons and deals as they are added to the website. The company’s Facebook page is another source to check.

Proctor & Gamble’s Website
Proctor & Gamble is the parent company of Gillette. As such, the company often provides similar Gillette Blades coupon deals as the official Gillette website. Proctor & Gamble may offer even more deals and discounts, including coupons on other Gillette products like body wash and aftershave. Though offers may vary, some coupons available from Proctor & Gamble include a savings between 50 cents and $2 on a disposable pack of 10 razors, depending on the type of razor desired. Users are able to select the coupons they wish to use, checkmark their corresponding boxes, and print them at one time, too.

Coupon Websites
Becoming familiar with coupon websites is a helpful way to find a Gillette Blades coupon. Dozens of coupon websites offer daily or weekly deals that sometimes feature Gillette products. They may link to a store with a deal going on, such as, or a place where you can order razors in bulk in order to receive a coupon or discount applied to your final purchase. Mail-in rebates are also possible, depending on which store offers discounts. Websites such as, and all offer regular updates regarding these and other valuable coupons.

Store Specials
Ask the manager of your favorite store when you can expect razors to be on sale. Check your store’s flyer for a Gillette Blades coupon. Be sure to look over the razor aisle during each visit so as not to miss any savings offered on store coupons attached to the razors themselves. When you check out, look at your receipt to see if there are any razor savings printed on it or attached to it as coupons. When you purchase Gillette products, you are more likely to receive such coupons back at the checkout lane.

When coupons are unavailable and you need razors, think creatively. Split the cost of your razors with a friend who needs them, too, which saves you both money. Call or write to Gillette or Proctor & Gamble and express how much you love their products. These compliments often result in free samples or coupons mailed right to your door.

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